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New kickass necklace!

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I’ll post some more pictures and vids of the concert last night soon.

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Moonrise over Kelowna

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That  moment when you fall asleep in your Zeppelin shirt and John Paul Jones creeps up on you for a photo and your friends don’t wake you up.

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Robert Plant || Led Zeppelin || Rock god

From the March 2008 Playboy - The Sex and Music Issue

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The Who is best!

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”classic rock is overpast!”image

”they’re a bunch of junkies and tramps”image

”you like rock so you must do drugs”image

”uuugh,heavy metal is noisy shit”image

”psychedelic rock is soooooo boring”image

”i only like the beatles”image

”do you know anything about what’s going on this year?”image

”they’re all dead”image

”that’s satanic”image

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I am in love with this

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come on don’t be shy. 

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Robert Plant takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)



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One of my many favourite moments!

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Concert was fucking amazing!

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